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Expository Essay ~ 22 Forever

What I must do:
Write an expository essay (introduction, 2-3 body paragraphs, conclusion) on the following prompt:
If, at a certain age, you were to begin living forever, what age would you want to be? Explain why and give specific examples and details (elaborate) in you well-developed paragraphs (TEXXEXXT)
Expository Essay:
   The age 22 would be a perfect time to start living forever. You can have a family and you won’t have your parents telling you what you must and mustn’t do.
   Families are a special thing to have, living with one forever would be the best thing ever. You may not have children, but someone who truly loves you is the same thing as family. They will help you with every problem you have, even if you have children.
   When you have the rights to do anything, use them wisely. Over time of living forever 22, you may try to break laws because you get bored. You must watch what you do, you yourself may destroy the world.
   22 is a perfect age to stop growing at, there are many things you can do at 22. You can have a family and have rights to do more things than people younger than 18.

~ Microhabitat ~

one normal school day we had a science lab.we were find microhabitats and my group found. heres a picture we took of our microhabitat.

Linear Art Design


Click on this to get a cool design to do!

Carlos the Chicken


Carlos the chickens original shape is the small chicken when we doubled him he looked like the big one


Squares: 1
Small Rhombi: 4
Large Rhombi: 1
Triangles: 2


Squares: 4
Small Rhombi: 16
Large Rhombi: 4
Triangles: 8

If the head of Carlos is tripled his head would have 9 squares in all.

Adopt an Element – Phosphorus

Kid President Pep Talk to Sudents and Teachers

Elie Wiesel Holocaust

Elie Wiesel and his family were sent to Auschwitz as part of the holocaust during WW2. His mother and younger sister Tzipora were separated from him his father and his other sisters. After WW2 Elie found out that his mother and Tzipora his young sister were killed by one of the gas chambers. Him and his family were persecuted while they were there.


    They starved his father and him when they were in the camps. The reason why was because he helped a Jewish person by giving that person food and water and help to escape hitler’s hands. They also starved him and his father because they were like slaves to the German soldiers so the soldiers did not feed the people very much.


    He was forced to work under appalling conditions. They had too because hitler made every person in camp to work and if they didn’t they would get shot or something else that is dreadful. The german soldiers would shoot somebody even if they did work hard so Elie had to work very very hard.


    His dad suffered because of dysentery, starvation, and exhaustion but still survived after WW2. Elie Wiesel moved to New York and had heart surgery. He wrote a story called Night.

Best Gift Given

I gave my brother a hug when he got hurt from things falling on top of him. It made me feel good because I knew it must of hurt. When I give him hugs he usually feels better. It feels better than receive means that instead of giving yourself something give someone else something to makes their day.

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